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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2016-11-25 number 6528


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No. 6528] Lusaka, Friday, 25th November, 2016 [Vol. LII, No. 78

Gazette Notices No. Page The Animal Health Act
Statutory Functions Act—Statutory Functions of the (Act No. 27 of 2010)
President (Delegation) Notice, 2016 838 953 (Section 12)
Animal Health Act—Notice 839 953
Companies Act: Lifting of Resrictions for Pigs and Pig Products in Chavuma,
Kabompo, Kasempa, Manyinga, Mufumbwe and Zambezi
Notice Under Section 361 840 953 Districts of North-Western Province
Notice Under Section 361 841 953
Notice Under Section 361 842 954 IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED for the information of the public in general
and the Farming Community in particular, that the restrictions for
Supreme Court Act—Supreme Court Calender, 2017 843 954 Pigs and Pig products that were imposed due to the outbreak of
Marriage Act: African Swine Fever (ASF) in accordance with the provisions of
Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages 844 955 Sections 12, 22 and 23 of the Animal Health Act No. 27 of 2010 of
Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages 845 955 the Laws of Zambia, in September, 2014, are hereby lifted.
Lands and Deeds Registry Act: The ASF outbreak has since been controlled and the sale and
movement of Pigs and Pig products in the North-Western Province
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 846 955 Districts can resume forthwith.
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 847 955 It is however notified that this movement of Pigs and Pig products
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 848 955 will only be allowed after certification by the respective District
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 849 955 Veterinary authorities.
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 850 955 Director,
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 851 955 P. O. BOX 50060 Department of Veterinary Services
Advertisements: LUSAKA
Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation
Limited—Tender Notice — 956-8 GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 840 OF 2016 [7084884
Citizenship of Zambia Act—Notices of The Companies Act
Intention to Apply for Registration —959-60 (Cap. 388)
Fisheries Act, 1974—Fisheries Regulations,
1986—Notices of Intention to Apply for a Notice Under Section 361
Fishing Licence — 960-1 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that upon the publication of this notice,
Money-lenders Act—Notices of Application the Company named in the schedule below have been struck-off the
Register of Companies pursuant to Section 361 of the Companies
for a Money-lender’s Certificate — 961 Act Cap. 388 of the Laws of Zambia.
Lost Documents — 961-2 SCHEDULE
Urban and Regional Planning Act—Notice of
Application for a Certified Copy of Lost LCO Company Name Gazette No. Dated
Occupancy Licence — 962 3078 Standard Chartered Zambia 520 15/07/2016
Deed Poll—Notices — 963-4 Nominees Limted
Statutory Instruments Issued as a Supplement to 87801 Primavera Limited 491 01/07/2016
this Gazette No. Page C. MWEETWA,
Tourism and Hospitality Act: Inspector-Compliance and Awareness,
Tourism and Hospitality (Casino) for/Registrar,
93 Patents and Companies Registration
Regulations, 2016 951 P. O. Box 32020 Agency
Tourism and Hospitality (Registration of LUSAKA
Hotel Managers) Regulations, 2016 94 1007 30th September, 2016
GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 838 OF 2016 GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 841 OF 2016 [7263876
The Statutory Functions Act The Companies Act
(Laws, Volume 1, Cap. 3) (Cap. 388)
Notice Under Section 361
The Statutory Functions of the President (Delegation)
Notice, 2016 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that at the expiration of a period of three
months after the publication of this notice, Nyab General Dealers
IT IS NOTIFIED for public information that in exercise of the powers Limited, Company Registration No. 51716, Incorporated in Zambia
contained in Article 109 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia, upon on 11th day of February, 2013, and having its place of business at
departure for Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, for the Africa-Arab Plot No. 103, Kaunda Square Stage 2, Lusaka, Zambia will be struck-
Summit, His Excellency the President of the Republic of Zambia off the register of companies pursuant to Section 361 of the
delegated the functions of the President to Her Honour, Mrs Inonge Companies Act Cap. 388 of the Laws of Zambia unless due cause is
M. Wina, MP, Vice President from the 22th November, 2016 until shown to the contrary.
his return. C. MWEETWA,
Manager-Compliance Awareness,
C. M. MVUNGA, Patents and Companies Registration
LUSAKA Acting Secretary to the Cabinet P. O. Box 32020 Agency
22nd November, 2016 LUSAKA
[co.101/17/1] 20th October, 2016