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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2020-08-14 number 6898


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No. 689§] Lusaka, Friday, 14th August. .2020 [Vol. LVI No. 67

In exercise of the powers contained in Section (4) of the Statutory
TABLE OF CONTENTS Functions Act. Cap. 3 of the Laws of Zambia, die President did
Gazette Notices No. Page
confirm the appointment of the Honourable Minister set out in
Statutory Functions Act: Column B hereunder to temporarily perform the duties of the
Temporary Transfer of Statutory Functions 752 699 Honourable Minister set out in Column A.
Corporate Insolvency Act-—Notice under
Column A Column B
Section 105 753 699
Notice of Change of Name—George Inaka Akafekwa Hon. Dr. Brian Mushimba, mp, Hon. Dr Denis Wanchinga, mp,
Animal Health Learning Centre 754 699 Minister of Higher Education, Minister of General
Marriage Act: was authorised to travel to the Education.
Licensing of a Place for Public Worship 755 700 United States of America for
Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages 756 700 Medical attention from
Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages 757 700 25th July to 26th October, 2020
Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages 758 700
The above temporary assignments of the Statutory Functions
Companies Act:
Notice Under Section 318 759 700 set out in Column B will be revoked upon return to Zambia of the
Notice Under Section 318 760 700 Honourable Minister set out in Column A.
Notice Under Section 318 761 700 P. K. Kangwa,
31st July, 2020 Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet
Notice Under Section 318 762 700 Lusaka
Lanas Survey Act: [co. 1-01/17/3]
Appointment of Government Surveyor 763 701
Gazette Notice No. 753 of 2020 [3816399
Appointment of Government Surveyor 764 701
Appointment of Government Surveyor The Corporate insolvency Act
765 701
(Act No. 9 of 2017)
Lands and Deeds Registry Act:
Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Document 766 70'1 Notice Under Section 1.05
Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Document 767 701 Notice is hekehy given that upon the publication of this notice
Notice of Intention to Issue a Duplicate Document 768 701 Mukuba Pension Trustees Limited Company Registration No.
Advertisements: 119820011824 has been struck-off the Register of Companies.
Money-lenders Act—Notices of Application for
P. C. CfflLUFYA,
a Money-lender’s Certificate 701-2
Lost Documents 702 P. O. Box 32020 Assistant Registrar,
Deed Poll—Notices 703-6 i Lusaka For/Registrar,
Liquor Licensing — 706 11th August, 2020 Patents arid Cottipardes
Registration Agency
Statutory Instruments Issued as a Supplement
to this Gazette No. Page Gazette Notice No. 754 of 2020 [9435973
Plant Pests and Diseases Act—-Plant Pests and
Diseases (Phytosanitary Certificate)(Geaneral)
Regulations, 2920 68 403 The George Inaka Akafekwa Animal Health Learning
Plant Pests and Diseases (Plant Quarantine and
Phytosanitary Service Fees) Regulations, 2020 69 413 It is hereby notified for the information of the general public that
the Animal Health Learning Centre at the Zambia Institute of Animal
Gazette Notice No. 752 of 2020 Health is hereby named the George Inaka Akafekwa Animal Health
The Siatatary Functions Act Learning Centre in honour of the first indigenous Zambian Director
(Laws, Volume 1, Cap. 3) of Veterinary Services
Hon Prof. N. Luo, mp
Temporary Transfer of Statutory Functions
P.O. Box 50060 Minister of Fisheries and Livestock
It is notified for public information that the Honourable Minister Lusaka
set out in Column A hereunder was authorised to be out of the [mfl.101/14/1]
country for Medical Attention.