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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2020-10-02 number 6912


Price: K10.00 net
Annual Subscription: Within Lusaka—K300.00
Published by Authority Outside Lusaka—K350.00

No. 6912] Lusaka, Friday, 2nd October, 2020 [Vol. LVI, No. 81

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 990 OF 2020 [89140800 Copies of the Ruling dated 29th September 2020, may be
obtained from the office of the undersigned at a fee.
The Bank of Zambia Act
(Cap 360 of the Laws of Zambia) Private Bag RW565x Y. K. CHIRWA (MRS),
Assests and Liabilities of Bank of Zambia LUSAKA Registrar,
IN TERMS of Section 28 of the Bank of Zambia Act, the statement of Tax Appeals Tribunal
assets and liabilities of the Bank of Zambia as at 31st August 2020 is
published for General information in the Schedule hereto. GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 992 OF 2020 [9620441
Commissioner for Oaths Act
R. C. MHANGO (MS), (Cap. 33)
LUSAKA Deputy Governor—Administration
31st August, 2020 Appointment of Commissioner for Oaths
SCHEDULE IN EXERCISE of the powers conferred upon Her Ladyship the Chief
ASSETS Amount Justice of Zambia, by section 3(2) of the Commissioner for Oaths
(K,000) Act Cap. 33 of the Laws of Zambia, Her Ladyship the Chief Justice
IMF Funds Recoverable from Government 6,915,246 has made the following appointment of Commissioner for Oaths.
Advances to closed Commercial Banks 99,669 Name Date of Appointment
Advances to Commercial Banks 2.879,393 Pastor Elvis Sichiweza 17th September, 2020
Targeted Medium -Term Refinancing Facility 1.701,785
Foreign Currency Cash and Deposits 26,024,573 P. CHISHA,
IMF Subscription 24,961,308 P.O. Box 50067 Registrar-High Court
Holdings of Treasury bills and Government Bonds 20,745,747 LUSAKA
Staff Advances 96,756
Non-Current Asset 598,579 GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 993 OF 2020 [9620575
Other assets 318,844
The Lusaka City Council
TOTAL ASSETS 84,341,900
LIABILITIES Legal Services Department

Local Currency in circulation 11,556,305 Notice
Foreign currency liabilities 166,144 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that Ethel Mtonga intends to apply for a
Domestic Currency Liabilities to IMF 24,961,308 duplicate Copy of a lost Occupancy Licence granted to Mr Andrew
Government Deposits 5,519,421 Mtonga, and therefore I have appointed thirty days from the date of
Deposits of Commercial Banks and other 13,362,453 the notice as the period within which any person having an interest
Non-Financial Institutions or claim whatsoever in the property is required to lodge his/her
Provisions 344,138 objection with the Council Registrar in Room 225, Old wing Building,
Other Creditors and Claims 180,857 Civic Centre, Independence Avenue, Lusaka.
IMF SDR Allocation 12,998,980
The property referred to is: Plot No. 304 of 11320 New Kabwata.
Dated the 28th day of April, 2020.
Share Capital 500,020 LUSAKA Director of Legal Services
Revaluation Reserves 330,544
General reserve 2,550,374 GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 994 OF 2020 [9620111
Retained Earnings 5,814,138
Profit and Loss Account 6,057,218 The Marriage Act
TOTAL CAPITALAND RESERVES 15,252,294 (Laws, Volume V, Cap. 50)
TOTALLIABILITIES, CAPITALAND RESERVES 84,341,900 Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages
IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED for public information that in exercise of the
GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 991 OF 2020 [9620504
powers conferred upon the Town Clerk for Kalulushi Municipal
The Tax Appeals Tribunal Council by section (5)2 of the Marriage Act, Cap. 50 of the Laws of
(No. 1 of 2015) Zambia, the person named in the Schedule set out hereto is appointed
to Solemnise Marriages in the Republic of Zambia.
Notice of Decision of the Tax Appeals Tribunal
IN THE MATTER OF Scirocco Enterprises Limited —Appellant and P.O. Box 260400 D. BWALYA,
Zambia Revenue Authority —Respondent, before the Tax Appeals KALULUSHI Town Clerk
Tribunal (Mr F. Chishimba — Chairperson, Mr D. Tembo and Ms. SCHEDULE
G. Mazakaza) presiding. Name Church
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN for public information in terms of Constance Mwape Kalokoni Civic Centre, President Avenue
Regulation 16(3) of the Tax Appeals Tribunal Regulations that the P.O. Box 260400, Kalulushi
Appellant’s appeal against an assessment of the Respondent was
Disallowed. 809