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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2020-10-16 number 6918


Price: K10.00 net
Annual Subscription: Within Lusaka—K300.00
Published by Authority Outside Lusaka—K350.00

No. 6918] Lusaka, Friday, 16th October, 2020 [Vol. LVI No. 87

GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1368 OF 2020 [9620852
The Energy Regulation Act
(Act No. 12 of 2019)
Notice of Intention to Issue Licenses

MEMBERS of the General Public are hereby informed that the Energy Regulation Board intends to issue Licenses to the under-listed
Applicants, thirty days from the date of this notice in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Regulation Act No. 12 of 2019.
Any one objecting to the issuance of any of such Licences whether on personal, environmental or other grounds may do so by filing
a written objection within fourteen days of the publication of this notice as stipulated under section 10 of the Energy Regulation Act as
read with the Energy Regulation (Licensing) Regulations 1998 Statutory Instrument No. 2 of 1998. The objector must provide their
physical address and contact details. The written objection must be addressed to:
P.O. BOX 37631 Energy Regulation Board
No. Applicant Address and Name of Shareholders Name of Directors/ Directors Type of Licence Application
Location /Sole Traders Sole Traders Interest in other Date
1. Apollo Fleet Room No 6-7, 1. Abdinur Hashi Farah 1. Abdinur Hashi Farah None Road 12.08.2020
Investment Farmers House (Ethiopian) (Ethiopian) Transportation of
Zambia Central Park, 2. Zahra Nur Herrsi 2. Zahra Nur Herrsi Petroleum
Limited Lusaka (Djiboutian) (Djiboutian) Products (Valid
3. Yasin Said (Zambian) 3. Mohamed Issa Haji for 3 years)
4. Mohamed Issa Haji Ahmed (Djiboutian)
Ahmed (Djiboutian) 4. Abdalla Mohamed
5. Abdalla Mohamed (Dutch)
(Dutch) 5. Ibrahim Addulkadir
6. Ibrahim Abdulkadir Gure (Ethiopian)
Gure (Ethiopian)

2. Baa House No.1288 1. Yasin Mohamed 1. Yasin Mohamed None Export of 16.10.2019
Transport Ghandi Road, Moallin (Australian) Moallin (Australian) Liquefied
and Trading Kanini, Ndola 2. Ahmed Dudow 2. Bare Aden Ali Petroleum Gas
Limited Abdullahi (Kenyan) (Kenyan) (Butane) (Valid
3. Barre Ali Farhan for 5 Years)
4. Bare Aden Ali (Kenyan)
5. Abdullahi Sharif Shire
6. Mohamedd Mohamud
Jama (Zambian)

3. Connect Lunzua Road, 1. Emmanuel Gwatidzo 1. Emmanuel Gwatidzo None Distribute, 02.07.2020
Technical Rhodespark, (Zimbabwean) (Zimbabwean) Import and
Zambia Lusaka 2. Stanford Chongozho 2. Stanford Chingozho Export Petroleum
Limited (Zimbabwean) (Zimbabwean) Products (Valid
3. Piqela Gabaza for 5 years)
4. Kalunga Joseph
Sampa (Zambian)