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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2020-12-04 number 6935


Annual Subscription: Within Lusaka—K300.00
Published byAuthority Outside Lusaka—K350.00

No. 6935] Lusaka, Friday, 4th December, 2020 [Vol. LV, No. 105

Gazette Notice No. 1372 of 2020 ¡9948033
The Energy Regulation Act
Chapter 436 of the Laws of Zambia
Notice of Intention to Issue Licences
Members of the General Public are hereby informed that the Energy Regulation Board (ERB) intends to issue Licences to the under­
listed Applicants, fourteen (14) days from the date of this notice in accordance with the provisions of the Energy Regulation Act No. 12
of 2019.
Any one objecting to the issuance of any of such Licences whether on personal, environmental or other grounds may do so by filing
a written objection within fourteen (14) days of the publication of this notice as stipulated under Section 10 of the Energy Regulation Act
as read with the Energy Regulation (Licensing) Regulations 1998 Statutory Instrument No. 2 of 1998. The objector must provide their
physical address and contact details. The written objection must be addressed to:
L. H. Lungu (Ms.),
P.O. Box 37631 Director General,
Lusaka Energy Regulations Board

ID Applicant Address and Name of Name of Directors/ Directors Type of Application Date
Location Shareholders/ sole Traders Interest in Licence
Sole Traders other Energy
1. Access Energy Plot No. 3745 1. Larisa Reddy 1. Larisa Reddy None Manufacture, 02.09.2020
Solutions Suite No. 17b, (South African) (South African) Supply,
Limited Olympia, Lusaka 2. Varsha Reddy 2. Varsha Reddy Installation and
(South African) (South African) Maintenance
of Renewable
(Valid for
5 years)
3. Alfa Energy Plot No 96, 3rd 1. Rashid Hussein 1. Rashid Hussein Distribute, Road 23.07.2020
Limited Street, Ibex Hill, Ares (Kenyan) Ares (Kenyan) Import and Transportation
in Lusaka. 2. Ibrahim Adan 2. Ibrahim Adan Export of of Petroleum
Hassan Hassan Petroleum Products
(Kenyan) (Kenyan) Products (Valid for
3 years)
4. Alpha Estate Plot No. 1. DengZhibin 1. Deng Hongbo None Distribute, 03.03.2020
Development 3626M/A, (Chinese) (Chinese) Import and
Limited Mapepe, 2. Yuzhou Liu 2. Shuang Guo Export
Chilanga (Chinese) (Chinese) Petroleum
3. Deng Hongbo 3. Deng Hongtao Products
(Chinese) (Chinese) (Valid for
5 years)
5. Benzol P.O. Box 35362, 1. Herbert Nzila 1. Herbert Nzila None Distribute, 07.08.2020
Petroleum Chamba Valley, Haminjeya Haminjeya Import and
Limited Lusaka (Zambian); (Zambian); Export of
and and Petroleum
2. Gilbert 2. Gilbert Products
McLanny McLanny (valid 5years)
Kasonde Kasonde
(Zambian). (Zambian).