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Zambia Government Gazette dated 2020-12-31 number 6947


Price: K10 net
Annual Subscription: Within Lusaka—K300.00
Published by Authority Outside Lusaka—K350.00

No. 6947] Lusaka, Thursday, 31st December, 2020 [Vol. LVI, No. 117

TABLE OF CONTENTS Foreign Currency Cash and Deposits 26,417,502
Gazette Notices No. Page IMF Subscription 24,961,308
Bank of Zambia Act—Assets and Liabilities of Bank of Holdings of Treasury bills and Government Bonds 23,598,403
Zambia 1468 1035 Staff Advances 93,168
Marriage Act—Appointment of Person to Solemnise Non-Current Asset 618,430
Marriages 1469 1035 Equity Investments 726,459
Lands and Deeds Registry Act: Interest Rate Swap Receivable 14,834
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1470 1036 Other Assets 100,048
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1471 1036 TOTAL ASSETS 89,295,106
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1472 1036
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1473 1036 Liabilities
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1474 1036 Local Currency in circulation 11,161,153
Notice of Intention to Issue Duplicate Document 1475 1036 Foreign currency liabilities 1,065,876
Urban and Regional Planning Act—Notice of Domestic Currency Liabilities to IMF 24,961,308
Application for a Duplicate Document 1476 1036 Government Deposits 5,596,096
Deposits of Commercial Banks and other 13,819,959
Citizenship of ZambiaAct—Notices of Intention
Non-Financial Institutions
to Apply for Citizenship by Registration — 1037
Money-lender’s Act—Notices of Application Provisions 856,073
for a Money-lender’s Certificate — 1038 Other Creditors and Claims 268,873
Lost Documents — 1039 Interest Rate Swap Payable 2,163
Deed Poll—Notices — 1039-41 IMF SDR Allocation 14,049,167
Liquor Licencing Act — 1042 TOTAL LIABILITIES 71,780,668
Statutory Instrument Issued as a Supplement Capital and Reserves
to this Gazette No. Page
Share Capital 500,020
Fisheries Acts, 2011—Fisheries (Amendment) Revaluation Reserves 326,938
Regulations, 2020 109 761 General Reserve 2,550,374
GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1468 OF 2020 [0190131 Retained Earnings 5,817,744
Profit and Loss Account 8,319,362
The Bank of Zambia Act TOTAL CAPITAL AND RESERVES 16,687,481
(Cap. 360 of the Laws of Zambia)
Assets and Liabilities of Bank of Zambia
IN TERMS OF section 28 of the Bank of Zambia Act, the statement of GAZETTE NOTICE NO. 1469 OF 2020 [0190099
assets and liabilities of the Bank of Zambia as at 30th November, The Marriage Act
2020 is published for general information in the Schedule hereto. (Laws, Volume V Cap. 50)
MS R. C. MHANGO, Appointment of Person to Solemnise Marriages
LUSAKA Deputy Governor-Administration IT IS HEREBY NOTIFIED for public information that in exercise of the
30th November, 2020 powers conferred upon the Council Secretary of Mpika Town
Council by Section 5 (2) of the Marriage Act Cap. 50 of the Laws
of Zambia, the person named in the schedule set out hereto is
SCHEDULE appointed to Solemnise Marriages in the Republic of Zambia.
Assets Amount C. WITOLA,
K’000 P.O. BOX 450001 Acting Council Secretary,
IMF Funds Recoverable from Government 7,477,392
Advances to closed Commercial Banks` 99,669 Name Church
Advances to Commercial Banks 1,963,138 Annie Mulenga Pentecostal Holiness Church Mount
Targeted Medium—Term Refinancing Facility 3,224,756 Olivet Miracle Center, Mpika